These products purchased online can be brought as a 4 × 4 package without paying a fee of $ 42

There are items that do not fall into category B, which will benefit from fee elimination.

4 × 4 packages that will not pay the $ 42 fee as of June 15 are in category B of the customs system.

Within this category there are products that can be purchased online and brought as a 4 × 4 parcel by express mail orcourier.

To be included in this category, packages must have a weight less than or equal to four kilograms and with an FOB value less than or equal to $ 400. They must also be for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

Aníbal Galarza, Expresito executive, says that among the products that are most bought and brought by this 4 × 4 modality include clothing, footwear, creams, perfumes and vitamins. There are also those who bring laptops, but these must conform to specifications.

In the case of cell phones andsmartwatchwith a chip slot cannot fall into this category.

In addition, in category B it is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages, used spare parts, decoders, weapons, advertising printed matter.

Food products, as well as vitamin supplements that exceed the weight and value of category B will require the presentation of a health registration from the Ministry of Health for their nationalization.

Products that can be purchased online fall into category B or 4 × 4.

The 4 × 4 freight costs

Within category B,couriersallow grouping multiple packages. A LaarBox executive explains that users can group purchases from the same store or from different ones, with a limit of 8.5 pounds, $ 400 and a maximum of three units with the same or similar characteristics.

Under this consolidation, what thecourieris to hold the item in the country of purchase while the customer makes the other web purchases to complete the shipment. DHL, for example, holds and consolidates items in the US for up to ten days.

The company applies a fee to extend the consolidation term of $ 5 for every additional five days.

Currently, 4 × 4 packages pay between $ 42 and $ 50 for freight if the weight is around 8 pounds and the rate of $ 42. From June 15, 4 × 4 users would only pay for the freight and the taxes derived from the same purchase in the store.

Purchases with credit cards in foreign stores, depending on the amount, pay the foreign exchange tax (ISD).

Since 2020 there are purchases that are made on international web platforms that must pay value added tax (VAT).

Customs indicates that more than 600,000 packages are imported annually under the 4 × 4 system. This represents imports in excess of $ 65 million a year.

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