About us

We are a company established in 1998, dedicated to providing Export Cargo Auxiliary services, which has worked with the sole purpose of becoming the best ally of our clients through reliable and efficient management.


Control and oversee air export cargo, processing and storage with the highest quality and safety standards to effectively satisfy our customers.


Establish ourselves as leaders in the market by providing the best GHA service, providing professional solutions with clear orientation to perfection. Our company is based on the training, motivation, commitment and involvement of our human team.

Standards of Conduct

During 23 years of operation, we have strengthened and promoted relationships of respect and professionalism through these fundamental pillars:

  • Exhaustive Selection
  • Training
  • Teamwork.
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethic.
  • Work disposition.
  • Responsibility

Our values

We are characterized by our actions, inspiring daily for the development of new activities such as:

  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Identity
  • Leadership

Continuous improvement

Technology is part of our DNA every day.

We are committed to new high-performance technological solutions that allow us to facilitate our internal processes, renew our infrastructure. We will make sure to be more competitive and provide better service and attention to our customers, advancing together with Technology.

Benefits of the facilities

Our modern facilities allow us to be one of the main air cargo processing operators in the country.

They are designed to ensure the best conditions for storage and maneuverability of goods, allowing efficient internal coordination and intermodal exchange.

Within our facilities we have 5 mueDischarge lines, in which all the activities carried out can be efficiently distributed and coordinated, from the start of an operation to its completion.

Wide Cold Room Capacities.

Evolution of the company

Founded in 1998, Generalair since its inception, has been taking advantage of its in-depth knowledge of air cargo processing operations evolving over time, adapting to new challenges and changes in the logistics market.

Starting in 2010, our transition point, in which we unquestionably began to renew and innovate little by little all our processes, continuously improving our services.

Due to our environmental concern, in 2018 we renovated all cold rooms, using eco-friendly equipment with the environment.


Our continuous improvement department continues to advance day by day in modernizing and updating all our processes.