Through our profiling, control, registration and inspection procedures, we take care of our clients' exports.


Cargo storage and reception

  • Cargo reception and stowage.
  • Receiving mail and courier.
  • Receipt of valued merchandise.
  • ULD reception (Inspection, Cleaning, Weighing)
  • Storage of perishable goods in cold rooms.
  • General cargo merchandise storage
  • Container Storage Area with a capacity of more than 170, with entry and exit control.
  • Scanning with X-ray equipment for total control of the packages.
  • Weighing of boxes individually, recording of weights and volume.
  • ULD total weighing control plus merchandise.
  • Temperature control and recording.
  • Transmission of import and export data in coordination with SENAE.

Facilities Security.

  • Facial Recognition for all Personnel Present.
  • Insurance policies.
  • Closed circuit with more than 100 cameras, with recording continues for 120 days in local storage.
  • Accompaniment of export merchandise from the facilities to the aircraft.
  • Accompaniment of imported goods from the aircraft to the distribution center and verification of discrepancies.

Compliance with control entities

  • Antinarcotics Control Process.
  • Random process of traces of explosives.
  • SENAE data transmission process.
  • Control processes:
    • ARCOM
    • Agrocalidad

Preparation and issuance of physical and digital reports:

  • General Cargo Handling Report.
  • Flight News Report.
  • Forfeiture reports. (Product Subject to Control)
  • Temperature reports
  • Issue of Warehouse Receipt (we).
  • ULD Inventory Report
  • Automatic dispatch to customers

Documentary and Physical Control of Goods

  • Briefing: flight planning
  • Reception, review, inspection and storage of export cargo
  • Export cargo delivery to ramp service company.
  • Receipt of import cargo and delivery control in the distribution area (TCE).