"On this path of promoting internationalization, from the Federation we will deliver to the new Government the roadmap to implement the National Export Plan that articulates all the tools to improve competitiveness that the export sector requires for its sustainable growth," Ribadeneira revealed. .

The multinational will begin operations in the country in March, announced the Minister of Production, Julio José Prado.

Fromthis month will start operations in Ecuadorthe multinational e-commerce platform-which is celebrated on the first Monday after. The announcement was made by the Minister of Production, Julio José Prado, on the afternoon of Friday, March 4, through his Twitter account.

Prado explained that the brand "will expand its payment platform, link entrepreneurs and SMEs toe-commerceandcreate a distribution center(warehouse)”.

In this regard, the The minister held a meeting this day with the directors of Mercado Libre in the region and its manager in Ecuador, Philippe Fossaert, as reported by the State portfolio with images of the meeting.

Mercado Libre was founded in August 1999 by theArgentine businessman Marcos Galperin, who is its current president.

According to a note from the digital mediaBloomberg Line,published on February 22, the Latin American e-commerce giant reportednet income of $83.3 million during 2021, after losses of $707,000 in 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2021 alone, turnover totaled $2.1 billion, which is equivalent to 73.9% more than the previous year.